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We been settling into our new apartment and life here in Harlem since March. Seth rides his bike down the west side of Manhattan to school, work and volunteering. I take the train to North Central Bronx Hospital for work. My first job as a midwife is so rewarding. Seth applies to DPT schools this fall. We love it here - come visit us, we have room for you!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

One week ago

One week ago we (my 19 classmates and I - Anne, Dorothy, Elka, Emily, Heather, Jewell, Kate, Lisa, Mai-Anh, Mandy, Megan, Paige, Randa, Samantha, Stephanie, Sundyna, Tamara, Thamy & Vanessa) graduated from the University of Pennsylvania's Master of Science in Nursing, Midwifery and Women's Health Care Nurse Practitioner Program. It was quite the celebration!

Seth's family (missing Adam and Melanie), friends (Chris & PK and Tim & Kirsten) and my family came together afterwards for dinner at the White Dog - what a group!

Now we look forward to a few months still here in Philly: work on Silver 9 (neuroscience nursing) to pay the bills while I sit for my national midwifery certification exam and seek licensing, job and apartment in New York City. Seth is researching and planning for his own transition professionally - hopeful that the move to NYC will be a turning point, a new direction - either to new work or school...

We are nervous, but both very excited - a lot to look forward to :)

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jordynemartinez said...

Hi there! I am Jordyn from Washington, close to your home in Oregon, and you are living my dream!! I long to someday move to Manhattan and am starting a BSN program this fall with hopes of going to grad school at UW for midwifery. I have been trying to figure out if living in Manhattan is possible for someone like me (I am a single mother) if I moved there as a midwife. Would you be willing to email me and allow me to ask you some questions about your journey to NYC? If not I understand, but your blog is wonderful anyway :)

Have a great day!