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We been settling into our new apartment and life here in Harlem since March. Seth rides his bike down the west side of Manhattan to school, work and volunteering. I take the train to North Central Bronx Hospital for work. My first job as a midwife is so rewarding. Seth applies to DPT schools this fall. We love it here - come visit us, we have room for you!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A shout out to all the folks who have come to visit us since we moved to NYC in March 2008. Thank you, we had so much fun! Looking forward to a quick return visits and to the promised visits by Mike & Julie, Jenn's Dad, Kathleen and Dennis & YOU!:

We had so much fun last weekend with Timmy & Kirsten ( visiting us from Lancaster, PA! Cooking fancy meals at home, boating around a green lake in Central Park, helping to bring back the hula-hoop and then dining on yummy Venezualan arepas with Amber in the East Village.

Jeni Poell and Eric Sears came to Harlem from Brooklyn (almost another State away!) for dinner - Seth cooked a delicious VEGAN meal, even he was shocked at his talent. Now Jeni is in Texas finishing up midwifery school with a clinical experience at a long running birthing center on the border w Mexico. Habla Espanol?

Seth's Parents came to visit us at the end of July for two nights and we had fun hosting them for meals and exploring Central Park on a beautiful summer Sunday.

Kenny (who helped us load up the UHaul back in March) came for his 2nd visit to Harlem the day the Hamilton's moved their historic home from around the corner into St Nicholas park, right across the street from our place here in 141st Street.
In June Jenn's Momma came to visit us and we went to see the Yankees play during last season in historic Yankee Stadium. We had a blast!

Darryl, from our old apartment in Philly, and his friend drove up for a home cooked meal and to go to an exciting modern dance performance at "Summer Stage" in Central Park.

In June Jen Frazier left Hayden and Zach at home in Boulder CO for a few days of work in NYC :( She worked so hard we really never saw her. Busting her bum this year working for her new company Firefly Partners, she did take some time off with Z&H though recently and joined the mass of peoples in Denver to hear Obama accept the Democratic nomination for Prez. Wow, what an experience that must have been!

Ben McCool came from Philly for a week of working film production and stayed with us in March while we were still living in boxes, barely moved in. He was excellent company although with the hectic schedules among the three of us, we hardly had time to visit with eachother. We look forward to his next working week with us in NYC. His Dad, Bill McCool from Penn says that may be soon. Give us a call Ben!

Trips we have taken since moving to NYC:

In August we flew to the great Northwest (Seattle, Portland and Eugene) for 6 days visiting Jenn's family and some friends of ours.

We are very lucky to have Seth's brother Josh and his family live just down the turnpike in Philly. We've made a number of weekend trips back down south since moving to NYC, for BBQs, christenings or just to hang out, it's always nice to be at the PhilaKaeser's.

For the 4th of July we went to visit Seth's brother and sister in law, Adam and Melanie, who were up from where they live in Albany, Georgia spending the holiday weekend at her family's lake cottage in upstate NY. Great swimming, rowing around the lake, fishing, fireworks and excellent food and company made it a great weekend escape from NYC for us. Much thanks to Adam, Mel and her lovely and always gracious family.